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Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous

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Crossbones Layered Stencil


Faded Type CMS397


Festive Overlay


Festive Sketch


Hive Layering Stencil


Inventor 4


Layering Stencil Measured


Mini Stencil Set #25


Roses Layering Stencil


SA Acrylic Block Set


SA Bat/Web Trims


SA Cathedral Windows


SA Etcetera #8 Thickboard


SA Layered Stencil Baubles


SA Layered Stencil Diamond Dot


SA Layered Stencil Festive


SA Layered Stencil Gingham


SA Layered Stencil Peppermint


SA Layered Stencil Snowflake


SA Layered Stencil Sparkle


SA Mini Stencil Set 40


SA Patchwork Circle Layering Stencil


SA Patchwork Cube Layering Stencil


SA Shifter Hex Stencil Set


SA Shifter Plus Stencil Set


SA Small Tag Board Tombstone Overlay


SA Stamp Cadaverous


SA Stamp Christmastime 2


SA Stamp Dots & Circles CMS382


SA Stamp Into the Woods


SA Stamp Merry Misfits


SA Stamp Modern Christmas


SA Stamp Scenic Holiday


SA Stamp Tiny Toadstools


SA Stamp Yuletide Gatherings


SA Starry Layering Stencil


SA Stencil Poinsettia Stencil


SA Stencil Shifter Falling Star


SA Stencils Snowflakes Stencil


SA Tombstone Small Overlay Set


Scribble Woodland


Shifter Diamonds


Shifter Dots


Shifter Mint Stencil


Shifter Star


Shifter Stripes


Shifter Tree


Special Day Card Sample


Stencil Crosses


Storage Sheets


Taylor & Houndstooth

$13.19 $21.99

TH Plus Stencil


TH SA Mini Tags Wood


TH Screwed Stencil


TH Stencil Shifter Chevron Layering


TH Stencil Shifter Rays Layering


Tim Holtz Cling Stamps 7"X8.5"-Eclectic Edges


Tim Holtz Cling Stamps 7"X8.5"-Flower Shop


Tim Holtz Cling Stamps 7"X8.5"-Glorious Bouquet W/Grid Block


Tim Holtz Cling Stamps 7"X8.5"-Grunged


Tim Holtz Cling Stamps 7"X8.5"-Snarky Cat


Tim Holtz Cling Stamps 7"X8.5"-Spring Shadows


Tim Holtz Cling Stamps 7"X8.5"-Tiny Text


Tim Holtz Layered Stencil 4.125"X8.5"-Bouquet -Layered


Tim Holtz Layered Stencil 4.125"X8.5"-Bubbles -Layered


Tim Holtz Layered Stencil 4.125"X8.5"-Doodle


Tim Holtz Layered Stencil 4.125"X8.5"-Doodle Art 1 -Layered


Tim Holtz Layered Stencil 4.125"X8.5"-Floral


Tim Holtz Layered Stencil 4.125"X8.5"-Hocus Pocus


Tim Holtz Layered Stencil 4.125"X8.5"-Tangles -Layered


Tim Holtz Mini Layered Stencil Set 3/Pkg-Set #46


Tim Holtz Mini Layered Stencil Set 3/Pkg-Set #47


Tim Holtz Mini Layered Stencil Set 3/Pkg-Set #48


ZigZag Stencil