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The Pine City Scrapbooking Co.
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Scrap & Stamp Rummage Sale Dates 2024

Scrap and Stamp Rummage Sale!

It's time to announce the best sale of the year! Our sale will start April 13th at 10:00 am and will end a whopping 2 weeks later on April 27th. One week never seems long enough so I thought we should try for two this year. 

To become a Vendor at our sale is super easy and I will list the steps below. 


*Call for a vendor number at 320 629-9960  If you sold with us last year you will be able to use your old number. We need you to call the store and let us know that you are participating so we know how many Vendors to plan for and we need to confirm your number.

*Mark your items with masking, painters tape or you can sharpie the price right on your items. If your tags come off, we won't be able to sell your items. Please price in .25 increments it makes it easier for us checking out customers. 

*Drop off your items during drop off dates and sign the Vendor form. Drop off dates are: March 30th - April 8th

*Pick up your items during pick up dates. We can not accomodate early pick ups. Anything left not picked up after these dates will be donated. Pick up dates are: May 4th - May 13th

*Upon pick up you will recieve a voucher with your total sale amount to be used within the next 6 months.

How easy is that? So go through your crafty stash and start purging and making room for new things! It is a great time and place to get rid of your items as we have such a great turnout for our sale. So many crafty people under one roof!

The number one question for sellers is how much do I price my items. If you really love it and don't mind getting it back, price it high. If you really want to get rid of it, go low. I always error on the low side because I'm done with most of what I sell. 

It's a great idea to group small items together in a bag. Those items don't get lost in the shuffle and everyone loves a grab bag full of fun goodies! Same with paper, I always group up paper and sell as a lot. Less damage and you are more likely to sell out and not have onsie twosies left over. 


*Cash is the preferred method of payment. We do not accept credit or debit for the Scrap & Stamp Rummage Sale. If you are checking out store merchandise you can use any form of payment but the Rummage Sale items are cash.

*Bring patience, this is a highly anticipated sale. 

*Bring reuseable shopping bags to carry your treasures while you shop as we have limited baskets.

*Shop often! Things get stirred up through the days and new items appear!

We look forward to this sale every year. We hope to bring you another great sale this year! Let us know if you have any questions.