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Scrap & Stamp Rummage Sale Dates


Just a quick update on what is up at the store. It's that time of the year when so many new beautiful products are debuting and we are busy ordering! I'm going to need your help, we need room and money to order all the new goods. Your support means everything to us, if you can't make it in person to shop, check out our website where you can order everything online! Thank you so much for keeping us going for 15 years.

Some of you might know I've been away from the store. I'm recovering from hip replacement surgery. My recovery is going great and I feel better everyday and I look forward to being back to work. When will I be back is still up in the air. I'm going to start to go in a few hours a day while the store is closed to get used to the floor and increase my stamina. 

Scrap & Stamp Rummage Sale

I'm happy to announce the Rummage Sale dates! The sale will start May 20th and go through May 28th.

If you have crafty items that are just taking up valuable space in your craft area, you might want to sell them at our sale. It is very easy to do, all the details are listed below.

If you like a good deal or want to add new items to your stash, details for that are listed below!

*Drop off your goods dates for the sale are: May 12th - 17th (Nothing early or later than these dates.)

*The Dates to purchase at the sale are: May 20th and will end May 28th. Make sure to share the sale dates with all your scrapping and stamping friends.

*Pick up remaining items and Scrap & Stamp Voucher are June 3rd - June 10th (nothing early or later than these dates.)

Instructions for Sellers: 

Step 1:
Call the store at 320-629-9960 for a vendor number. This is a very important number you will need this to mark your goods as well as pick up your voucher at the end of the sale. No matter if you've sold with us before or already have a number we need you to call and register if you are participating. If you get a number and decide not to participate, we would also like to be notified. 

Step 2: Go through your stash and pull out items you no longer want. We suggest grouping like items together so things aren't lost. Put together single sheets of paper so they don't get ruined and sell them as a pack. Put small like items together etc...

Step 3: Mark those items with your vendor number and a price. Mark everything in 25 cent increments. It makes check out a little faster. Make sure whatever you label your items with it stays on as we can't sell it if we don't know who it belongs to. Painters tape works well or if it's a clear package you can write your vendor number and price with a sharpie right on it.

Step 4: Drop your items off at the store in a box we can sell right from. We will be putting these boxes out on the tables to sell right from so keep that in mind when packing up your goods. The more people can see the less they have to dig and the better shape your items will be in and the more you will sell, don't over crowd them. 

Drop off dates are May 12th - 17th no early drop offs or no late drop offs When you come in to drop off we need you to sign a vendor form, please stop at the counter to get your form. On the form there will be a spot to check if you would like us to donate what is leftover. We will be selling your goods May 20th - 28th.

Step 5: At the end of the sale we gather your unsold goods and tabulate what you sold. You will receive a voucher for store credit in the amount you sold and it will be available June 3rd - 10th. We ask that you pick up your goods and voucher in a timely manner. Any items remaining after June 11th will be donated to local charities.

Instructions For Our Buyers: The Scrap & Stamp Rummage Sale begins at 10:00 am May 20th and ends at 5:00 pm May 28th.

The day of the sale can be very hectic. We have found it is best to come with reusable shopping bags. We don't have enough shopping baskets for everyone.

Come early, the line starts forming 30-40 minutes before the door opens.

If you don't like crowds wait until later in the day. It starts to slow down around noon. We have several check out lines to process as quickly as we can, but please be patient.

If the item doesn't have a vendor number or price we can not sell it.

The store will be open for regular shopping as well and it is not nearly as hectic as the sale, so feel free to come in and shop.

The sale runs a week long and we are always shifting product and unearthing treasures, so feel free to shop multiple days!

The sale is Cash only, no credit or debit cards. Good checks can also be used as payment but cash is preferred.

We are super excited for the sale and can't wait!!!!

Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help clean up after the sale we could use your help. We will start packing up unsold goods on Tuesday May 30th until we are done. If interested please send a message through our FB page with your phone number, date(s) and times available. Thank you for your consideration!