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The Pine City Scrapbooking Co.
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Cardmaker's Dream Sale!

Cardmaker's Dream Sale

Since we temporarily closed the store we've been busy doing many projects. Today's project was to go through the stamp wall, die wall and the sample displays and pull some products for clearance. Thankfully, I had three helpers to get it all done and bring to you a ton of awesome products at 40% off! So if stamps and dies are your thing, click this link to check out the loads of bargains. If you know someone who might like a good deal please feel free to forward this email to your crafty friends!

When Are We Going To Open?

Great question! I wish I had a crystal ball so I could answer that for you. I know some of you are running out of patience and I also know some of you support our decision. There is a long list of reasons why we haven't opened the store yet. One of the main reasons is very personal to us and we have only shared it with our family and closest friends. I assure you opening the store is our main focus of each and everyday, but I will not rush to open. I appreciate everyones take on opening my business, but I am the deciding factor so my comfort level dictates when we will open. The CDC recommends working from home if at all possible. With our online store we can work from "home". It's not the volume of business we typically do with our storefront open, but we are tightening our budget to make it work for our family the best we can. If I had to give a projected date of re-opening I would say the beginning of July. While we wait for that date, check out what we have to offer online, we will be adding a bunch of new products next week. Christmas and fall products will be arriving very soon! 


Those of you waiting for your pre-orders will be very happy. Most of our pre-order items will be shipping to us late next week, with more to come the following week. As soon as we receive them we will be packing your orders and shipping them out to you!

Thank You

Thank you so much for your support to our store. With out you we couldn't make it through this COVID-19 Crisis. Thank you for sharing our Facebook posts, liking our posts and our Instagram. Your orders mean so much to us. Every time we get an order I do a happy dance! The girls and I argue about who is going to pull the order. We package everything we send out with love and care. 

Be well, air hug the ones you love.