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The Pine City Scrapbooking Co.
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Keeping Our Heads Above Water

Thank You

I would like to just take a moment and thank all of our wonderful customers. We couldn't have survived the last 5 weeks without your support. We appreciate all the online orders, the likes, encouraging and helpful comments and shares of our posts. All of it helps keep the store alive and breathing. 


We were super lucky to actually get in on the PPP loan. We were initially told we didn't get it, but this week we found out we did! It's not a lot of money but it is enough to pay our employees for the next 7 weeks. I guess I was under the assumption it would've been more forgivable funds to help out with the loss of sales, retreat bookings and retreat returns but hey a little is better than none. So we will continue to dig in and place careful orders to keep our business current but not break the bank. With that said, I still see a glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel. I am super lucky that we have 95% of our inventory online to sell. The best advertising is word of mouth, if you could please do us a favor and post on your facebook pages, or facebook groups you like, it would be greatly appreciated. 


We have added a Pre-Order page to our new online store. We have loaded tons of new COVID-19 papers and stickers. There are new dragon, gnomes, holiday, and animals. Stop by and check it out!

I've started a new Card Sample page as well. I have links to the products used on the sample for easy shopping. It is going to take some time to beef up this page so check back often for new samples.

We have had some issues and glitches with the online process. Some of you have had orders disappear, some have had them lock up and others not able to complete the check out process. The software people could only tell us to have customers use Google Chrome web browsers. That browser works best with their system. I do know some of you have been using Safari and not had trouble. Just part of the mystery of computers. Don't be afraid to reach out to us when you have trouble. We can even process the order for you if all else fails. 


Would you like to pick up your order rather than have it shipped? No problem, we have curbside pick up available! Saves you a bit of money and gets you out for a drive!

Please stay safe and air hug the ones you love!