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The Pine City Scrapbooking Co.
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Correct Link & Taylored Expressions!

Sometimes We Make Mistakes

In our last email, we put in a bad link to our new Online Store; oops! The correct link is below. Stop by and check it out; we've been making some amazing progress, and it is looking BEAUTIFUL! I am determined to get most of the 10,000 current items in our physical store on to the online store. It is no small task, and I am very lucky that I have a helpful family!

The Pine City Scrapbooking Company Online Shopping

Taylored Expressions

Taylored Expressions has given us temporary approval to sell their products on our online store. I'm so excited about this. If you are looking for their products, click our "Shop by Company" page, scroll down to Taylored Expressions, and you will find what we have of theirs in our inventory.

link:     Taylored Expressions

Scrap & Stamp Rummage

These next two weeks could be a great time to thin out your craft stash! If you need a vendor number to mark your items, contact us via email or Facebook message, and we will get one for you. Grouping like items together works well to sell. Use painters or masking tape to price things so the tags don't fall off, or write on the items with sharpie. Make sure when you are pricing that you put your vendor number near the price. Mark everything in quarter increments. When you pack up the items, don't overstuff your boxes as we will be selling your items right from the boxes you bring them in. 

I can't wait for the sale; it's such a fun and exciting time at the store. Each week, I set a new time frame in my head of when the sale will be. Now to be honest, I would say sometime in the summer. Maybe July or August. 
Since we are all spending all of our time home this next two weeks it could be a great time to go through your stash and thin out. If you don't have a vendor number for the sale contact us and we can give you one to participate in the sale.
Jessica's Card Kits

Check out Jessica's kits on her Facebook page. She will ship them directly to you!

Jessicas Card Classes And Kits

Retreat Special

Looking ahead to summer when we are ready to get out of the house? We have a great deal at Scrapbooking In The Pines Retreat Center. Purchase any Friday night now through August 30th, 2020 at our regular price of $55.00 and get the following Saturday for $27.50. You can book your stay online to reserve your spot.