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The Pine City Scrapbooking Co.
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Revised Anniversary Party (correct card class picture)

Anniversary Party 

Can you believe we are celebrating 12 years at The Pine City Scrapbooking Co? We are so excited we thought we would throw a party!

We are going to rock the dots! Join us February 15th from 10-5; wear polka dots and get an extra entry into our drawing. We will be serving cake and our favorite champagne. There will be fun grab bags for sale. You can take $5.00 off your $25.00 purchase. There will be a free make & take to get your creativity flowing. Make a purchase and get a free gift. We are going to have a rocking good day!

We've been super busy putting out new product, it's starting to look like spring at the store! I am sure there will be something for everyone. 

Scrap & Stamp Rummage Sale

Is your craft area getting a little out of control? Sign up for our annual Scrap & Stamp Rummage Sale. Call the store at 320-629-9960 for a number. Mark your unwanted craft supplies with the number and a price, drop them off at the store between March 27th - April 2nd, and we will sell them for you. In return, you get a voucher for the amount you've sold to spend in our store. Sale begins April 4th at 10:00 am and ends April 11th. Vouchers and unsold goods will be available for pick up beginning April 18th.

Fine print for sellers...

1. Please, no individual papers. They sell best bundled together and causes less damage too. 
2. Please, $0.25 increments only. 
3. When dropping off your items, you must sign in. You must sign the waiver, too.
4. If your number or price tag falls off, we can not sell it which makes for sad buyers. I have found blue painters tape or the like works best.
5. After the sale, make sure you check the lost and found for any of your unmarked products.
6. Unsold goods must be picked up by April 30th; after that time they will be donated.
7. If you do not want your unsold items back, please check the box on your sign in sheet to donate.
8. When we put out your products to sell, we are using your box to display your goods; pack your boxes accordingly. I wouldn't over-stuff them so it's easier for people to shop.

Notice to buyers:

1. Bring reusable bags to gather your items to purchase.
2. We will have carryout help.
3. We can hold your items while you shop so you can use both hands to search for the best stuff.
4. Cash is king! We take cash or good check only. We can not take credit cards for the rummage sale.
5. The store will be open for regular business as well. Please be courteous to other shoppers when going through your rummage sale items.
6. If the item doesn't have a price tag, we can not sell it!

Jessica's Card Class

Free up a little time in your schedule for Jessica's Card Class on Thursday, February 20th or Saturday, February 22nd at 10:30. You will be making 8 beautiful cards for $20.00. Please bring your favorite double sided adhesive; all other supplies are included with your class fee. 

Online Store

Check out our new online store on our website  The Pine City Scrapbooking Co we are adding new product nearly everyday. Every purchase makes a big difference when you shop small businesses! 

Retreat Updates

We value our guests and appreciate each and everyone of you, so I hope you will understand these rules we have to enforce.

We have been very loose with check in and out times at Scrapbooking In The Pines Retreat. This is causing undue stress on us as well as our employees. We have to stick to our 3:00 pm check-in and our 1:00 check-out times. I can not afford to loose another employee over the breaking of this rule.

When you pay for one bed and table, that is what you receive, even if we are not at capacity. You will share rooms; anyone breaking the rule will be charged a $25.00 cleaning fee. No exceptions.

Another HUGE problem is the table space. For example, you come in as a group of 2 on Wednesday, we are not at capacity and you absorb all the tables. Later, I have a couple of other small groups check in so there are a total of 6 guests. This does not mean you give up four tables for the new guests checking in and you keep the other 20 tables. It immediately causes friction and me I see it happen and hear about it. 

Please, please, PLEASE always be courteous to fellow guests. We don't know the struggles others have. It's so easy to be nice, heck who knows you might just even make a life long friend. Or at least brighten somebodies dark day.

Please be aware of what you are packing up. We are losing towels and silverware left and right. If you happen to notice you have any of our things, feel free to bring them back.