Tip of the Week

Do you own this fabulous little gem?

Don't run...but walk swiftly to The Pine City Scrapbooking Co and get yours now. Do you hate when you cut your cardstock and it is always crooked?! Not me because I use the Dreamkuts! It has two slots that allow you to cut over 100 differnet sizes. The back slot is adjustable (depending on the size of your paper) and will make one center cut. Which means cutting your 8 1/2 x 11" paper in half is perfect everytime you want to make a card. The front slot will cut your paper into thirds. The blade is self sharpening so it doesn't dull.!



Did you know Specialty Stamping paper from Ranger ROCKS?!?! You can stamp it, use alcohol inks, Copic markers, water based markers like Distress markers and so much more on it! We are loving it with our scrapbooks as well as our cardmaking. It comes in 12x12 as well as 8 1/2x11 give it a try.

(background paper is done with the Specialty Stamping paper, Wendi Vecchi inks and alcohol. I smeared the inks on my non stick craft sheet sprayed the smears with a mini mister filled with alcohol and put my paper in the mess! Voila  this is what I got!)


Do you have trouble painting your chipboard? Glue Dot it down to your non stick craft mat and paint away, the glue dot keeps it stuck down, and you don't have to get your fingers messy.

Did you know you can stamp your images on pattern paper? Give it a try, take a bold stamp grab a piece of your favorite paper and stamp away. It gives your image a brand new look.
New Tip Of The Week! Do you ever get spray adhesive on your projects and just can't get rid of the sticky? Use baby powder! Yep that's right sprinkle just a little on and tap off excess. Works like a dream! I always keep a travel size in my basic tool kit.

Did you know that Copic Markers are alcohol based? Try using them on acrylic, transparencies, or vellum. They work fantastic!

Do you hate all the stray glitter when you like to add sparkle to your pages? Just use Stickles! Glitter and glue in one! No muss no fuss! It comes in tons of colors to match all of your art.

Do you love rub ons but hate the craft stick? If you have a cuttlebug or big shot all you need to do is layer your sandwich with an embossing mat cardstock with rub on on inside and run it through your machine, tada!

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