Frequently Asked Questions

Following are a number of common questions we get from many of our customers so we decided to provide some answers to those questions here. We hope you find this information helpful.

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Can you special order for me? In most cases we can. Just let us know what you are looking for and we'll try our best to get it for you.

Will you ship products out? Yes we can. Just give us a call and we can get it sent out for you. We just charge you actual shipping. In most cases we can get it in the mail by the next business day.

Do you carry Cricut cartridges? No we don't but we can order them for you. Just let us know which one(s) you are looking for.

Do you have a Sony Picture Station? No, we do not have a Sony Picture Station at this time.

What should I bring to a class? Bring a basic tool kit which consists of paper trimmer, paper piercer, adhesive, glue dots, pencil and ruler.

What should I bring to a crop? Bring all your supplies that you need to complete the projects you are currently working on. We have tools to share at the store as well as a cricut machine.

Can I run a tab while I crop? You sure can! Shop during your crop and we'll hold the order for you until you are ready to leave and you can settle it all at once.

What time is check in and check out? *Check-in is 3:00 PM and check-out is 1:00 PM. *Early check-in and late check-out may be available.

Does the retreat stay include food? No, you will be resposible for all of your own food.

What size beds and style does the retreat center have? We have two twin beds in each room.

Do you have a full-size stove? No we do not have a full-size stove in the Retreat Center. We do have a convection microwave instead of an oven as well as a hot plate with two burners.

Why aren't there any windows in the Retreat Center? Unfortunately, we did not have adequate easement on our property to put windows in the Retreat Center. Because we have no windows we were required to put in a fire sprinkler system into the entire building to ensure the safety of our guests in the unlikely event of a fire.

Do you supply linens? Yes we do supply bed linens and towels during your stay.

Can we drink alcohol at the retreat center? Yes, you can bring and consume your own alcohol. But, we do ask you to drink in moderation and be considerate of others as not to disturb other guests.

While we do not condone it's use, we do ask that you consume alcohol in moderation and be considerate of your fellow retreat guests. Guests failing to do so will be asked to leave and forfeit their stay money. They may be banned from staying in our retreat in the future. If you feel the need to spend your weekend at the bar, please check into a hotel. The rest of your fellow retreaters will enjoy their stay better if you do so.

Can we book just one night? Yes, you can book just one night. Single night stays can be booked Sunday - Thursday. From September thru May you must book a Friday/Saturday night combo. The single Friday or Saturday night stays can be be booked between May - August.

What is the minimum age for staying at retreat? Our minimum age is sixteen to stay at the retreat.

As always, if we have not adeqately addressed your question please feel free to contact us directly.

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